Short Stories

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The following is my growing collection of short stories. I will post them chronologically so you can see my growth as a writer. Thank you for your support, I know it’s not always fun to read lengthy creative stores on the web, but I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read!

  • The Lake – A very short story about a man with an unknown injury, taking some time to reflect at a lake in a park. Written early 2008.
  • Pastrami Sandwich – An intriguing tale about a man at a bachelor party coming to terms with the fact that his own marriage is probably over. Written early 2008.
  • Four Days of Mason – A mystery drama about a man tracing the steps and uncovering secrets of his recently deceased dad’s past. Written mid 2008.
  • Best to Let Sleeping Dogs Lie – A man down on his luck finally gets a break, or does he? Written early 2011.
  • Holes – A story from the point of view of a woman who may not understand her own reality. Inspired by true events. Written mid 2011.
  • This is Your Life – A man who has made no strides in life gets an epiphany and decides to make an effort, but is it too late? Written mid 2011.
  • Out – A dramatic look at a man dying with cancer and reuniting with a woman he used to love. Written early 2012.
  • A Cat Named Jesus Christ – An amalgamation of philosophy and how recent events have affected me led to this story about a young man floating through life and looking for reason. Written between Dec 2012 – Jan 2013
  • Missionary – Initially a flash fiction challenge, it looks at a couple right after a giant argument. Written between March 25 – March 28, 2013