Parking Problems (Jan 16, 2013)

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I decided to start documenting those who cannot park for two reasons. One, for the possible public shame that might happen from it, which in turn will help them to take some social responsibility and learn to park properly. It’s really not that hard to just stay in between the lines… And two, for my own amusement.

This first post has a twofer in FOLSOM, CA. One parking lot, two parking jerks:

Black Kia, Plate# 6NXA275 that cannot figure out how to properly park in over sized spots! No, he must encroach on the spot next to him...

Black Kia, Plate# 6NXA275 that cannot figure out how to properly park in over sized spots! No, he must encroach on the spot next to him…

This Chevy Aspen, plate #6HCZ519 cannot seem to straighten himself out, and instead is diagonal, making it awkward for anyone to park next to him.

This Chevy Aspen, plate #6HCZ519 cannot seem to straighten himself out, and instead is diagonal, making it awkward for anyone to park next to him.

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Things never seem to go as planned

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There are so many things I’ve planned to do or wanted to do and either I get sidetracked or major life events seem to push ideas back indefinitely. 2012 was a huge letdown and I had to abandon or push back many projects. That makes me feel shitty inside since I don’t want to be the guy who never completes a project or follows through with anything. So, it’s time for a change. My only New Year’s Resolution for 2013 is in a nutshell, to be highly selective with my choices. I vow to think critically about side projects that come up, consider them, and after deciding which ones I do want to do, follow through with them until they are DONE.

That being said, there are only a few projects that I am working for now that I fully intend to finish and take more seriously.
1. I have a short story that I am working on as much as I can. It shall be unveiled soon enough. It’s inspired by some recent, real events and mainly deals with coincidence. Real shocker there, eh? I can’t help it, it’s my favorite theme to work through.

2. Up In Smoke Podcast. Reg and I are getting the old episodes up as best we can so that we can be caught up on it. We have some really good episodes that will be released soon. Check it out @!

3. Helping Mike Betancourt with his comedy and side projects. Not much to say here, but I am attempting to be more timely with his projects in an effort to boost his popularity. I hope that I can make a difference.

4. The bulk of my efforts are going toward me going into business for myself. I don’t want to say too much about it just yet; but, I will unveil the website soon enough.

Lastly, I am also working on a radio play, but I lump that in with the podcast because that’s where it will be presented. So, it just gets an honorable mention for now. Once there is more done and I can move it up to a real project status, you will see more about it here. But, to tease you, you can know it will be about time travelling detectives.

2011 was the year of things falling apart.
2012 was the year of random acts of badness.
2013 shall be the year of success.


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It’s been a while since I’ve written any poetry or finished any short stories. I am working on a few things at the moment, but with no urgency to finish. That being said, I did complete a new article that I have a link to on my articles page, so check that out! If you’re lazy, here’s a quick link, just click here! Thanks!

I may also be working on a few wine reviews over the holiday season; not something I’ve really done yet, but have wanted to do for a while. Between that and seeking out some better career opportunities, we’ll see what develops!

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Why do cars keep trying to hit me?

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I have a little story to share with my friends who keep track of my life: On Friday, I was leaving a party (sober), and heading westbound down Madison Avenue toward highway 80 to get back downtown. I was in the number 3 lane approaching the light near the car dealership. The light was red, so I was braking. The car next to me in the number 2 lane put on his blinker and started getting over into me – attempting to occupy the same space as me. Immediately, I held my horn down and hit my brakes. They quickly swerved back into their own lane and turned their blinker off.

The light turned green and I started to go, cautiously. I was about to just hit it because I wanted to get on the designated freeway on-ramp lane anyway, but then I noticed before we were through the intersection, they turned their blinker back on and started to merge into me AGAIN! I held my horn and hit my brakes, again. They swerved back into their own lane, again. I tried to look over, and while I didn’t get to see who was behind the wheel, I did see a CHP officer in the next lane over.

I darted my head back and forth between the road in front of me and the CHP as I got closer and closer to the freeway on-ramp. Finally, as my late starts to turn, I can see the CHP light up the crazy driver. Some of you know how often I almost get hit and actually do get hit. I am like some kind of a bad driver magnet. In fact, earlier that day I was nearly hit AGAIN in the Safeway parking lot. (Someone backed into me at the end of May this year). I feel like it’s a minor victory for me. It was such a rush for me that I cackled loudly as I got on the freeway and smiled the rest of the way home.

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New Opportunity?

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I may be getting a new career opportunity as a journalist. I can’t say for sure yet, I need to learn a bit more about it. It would be for a smaller online publication, but it’s a start and it would pay. I just wanted to share that!

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