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Here is a list of other articles I have written, including recipes. If I end up posting a lot more recipes, I will give it it’s own page, but for now, it’s going to be lumped into here.

I will list them by general topic. Thanks for checking them out!

Tips to Avoid Road Rage

-Life & Philosophy-
The Power of a Greeting Card
Reflections on Homosexuality in America
Stealing vs. File Sharing
To Get High or Not To Get High (Written 11/19/2012)
The Choice to Refuse Service (Written 6/7/2013)

Five Healthy Salads with Five Ingredients
Poor Man’s Chili
Seared Citrus Salmon with Mangocado Salad

How to Graciously Reduce your Social Circle
Unnecessary Apologies

How to Drive in Sacramento

The Best Winery in Amador County
How to Pick Out and Pair a Wine for a Non-Connoisseur
First time Wine Tasting Etiquette

Tips for a Beginning Writer
Tips for Completing a Screenplay