The Right to Refuse Service

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Have you ever been refused service?

I haven’t, but I always thought that the right to refuse service was something that protected businesses for whatever reason (aside from the obvious). This is not quite the case.

I recently read this news article here:; which then led me to do some further Google research, which got me here:

I decided to take what I learned and write up a little bit on the subject of refusing service and the discrimination gays have received. Spoiler: I learned that the right to refuse service isn’t really a right; except for a few legitimate reasons, which are detailed in the article I wrote. As with all my articles, I posted it to hubpages:

And, it will be in my article link archive here, as well.

What are your thoughts on “the right to refuse service?” In subject matter, it closely relates to the recent Boy Scouts Controversy, too; however, the BSA is a private group and not a private business… Do you still think that is fair; legally and/or ethically?

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