Window Pounding

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This isn’t a very long story, but it is a true one. I was driving to work this morning, going my normal course, which has several stop signs since I avoid the main roads for the first half of my route.

I approached the second to last stop sign before the light at Hazel, in case any locals want a frame of reference, and a man in shorts and a clean blue shirt walks up to my car. I glance over and it appears as though he wants something. I don’t have anything he wants or needs. He doesn’t appear to be homeless and he isn’t trying to cross the street, so I ignore him. It’s nearly my turn to go at the four-way intersection, and he starts to pound on my passenger-side window.

I hit the gas, normal not hard, and drive away. And that was it. The experience had me thinking what could he want? Should I have rolled my window down and listened because maybe he needed help?

After some brief reflection, I concluded that if he really needed help, that was a way too aggressive approach. I have seen people who need help before, and when they take a more normal method to asking for it, they usually receive it. Trying to flag someone down and immediately pounding on their car window is not an intelligent way to get help.

Well, I wish the story was more interesting, but for the 30 seconds that I experienced it, it was strange.

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