Three months already?

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Wow, it has not felt like three months since I last updated. It feels like maybe three weeks. Alas, a lot has happened in the short three months since the last posting. In all actuality, I did start a few posts, but never finished them. My own fault.

So, in early August, I got started on my film, Out. The first day of shooting went great. Then, on Matt’s birthday (August 20th), I was rear ended very badly on the freeway. My Millenia was totaled, which was quite sad for me as I loved… LOVED that car. It left me with some horrible back and neck pain, which I am still dealing with.

My two lead actors (at the time… yes, that is foreshadowing), who also happen to be a married couple decided the night after my car accident was a good night to tell me they were too overwhelmed with life to do my film anymore. This is after we already had some of it shot and only a few days before we shot again. Needless to say, they evenhandedly dismantled my entire production and I had to look like a stupid jerk who doesn’t know what he is doing to the rest of my cast and crew, explaining that filming is cancelled until further notice.

So, in the mean time of going back and forth between the insurance companies and the rental car company (incidentally who lied to me about some extra charges and then after telling me no, finally refunded me), I decided to re-cast, but I am waiting until January before I start re-shooting.

I’m on the road to recovery now; however, last night I was almost hit again! I was driving home and crossing an intersection when a drive came from my left, running the red light and narrowly evading me. I heard his tires screech and everything. It freaked me out and I had to pull over and take a few minutes to just breathe. I didn’t need that anxiety…

Also, I just wanted to add that Up in Smoke Episode 8 was just released on Tuesday and 9 will be released today or tomorrow. We have like ten more episodes to be released as we really got behind. Mostly my fault, but I am working on getting it updated and back on track.

Cheers! Drive safe!

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