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So, Out has finally progressed to the point where I am casting and having Nate storyboard (Nate is my good friend and cinematographer). I thought I had two people set for my leads, but both flaked on me. It’s unfortunate, but it happens. So, I put a casting call on craigslist and got a decent response. It probably helps that the roles are paid — not much — but paid nonetheless.

Mike has been busy working on his Extreme Stand-up Comedy (ESC) Tour, and I’ve also been helping him with that, as well. Comedians Austin Hodge (who helped with Flom-a-palooza), Phat Joe and Lefty will be with Mike on the tour. All of them are hilarious.

Also, I officially moved the Up In Smoke Podcast to a dedicated sub-domain: http://upinsmoke.jflom.com. I will leave up the previous posts, but they will only be updated on the new site from now on — and the third one just went up, so go check it out. We are talking about doing some radio plays and second hour episodes as premium content. In addition, we are also discussing a second show, where Reg and I, and maybe a guest or two here and there take a look at certain websites and give giggling commentary.

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