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A few weeks ago, I started writing a short story about two rival chefs at neighboring restaurants. I can’t recall how the idea came to me, but it will be quite a bit longer than the short stories I usually write. I am getting it will be a novelette. I have been putting a lot more work into it lately and am very happy with what I have; although I am only about 25% done with it. Part of all of it will be up when it’s ready, don’t worry.

In addition to that, I have started an experimental multi-author story that utilizes differing points of view (and writing styles) about a particular even that involves all of the characters. If this goes well, I will try it again with more and/or different writers and a more complex scenario; and, rather then just be the omniscient editor, I will also write a portion to be included as well.

Lastly, I’m in the process of getting “Out” off the ground for filming. I will be getting locations figured out next week and casting the following. Filming will commence June/July. I’m very excited as I feel this is a powerful little drama that has a personal aspect to it I can’t ignore. I only wish the after effects of the chemo weren’t so draining on me, but I am happy to still be alive. If you want to read the short story it’s based on, check it [em]out[/em] under the Short Stories section.

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