My First Flash Fiction Challenge

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So, a blogger, writer and otherwise very talented person I follow named Chuck Wendig posts Flash Fiction challenges once a week. I finally attempted one. He had used a random word generator and picked the following ten words: Library, Ethereal, Dolphin, Replay, Undertaker, Storm, Envelope, Cube, Chisel, Satellite. The instructions were to pick 5 and write a story using them and under 1000 words.

I asked Reggie to pick 5 numbers for me between 1 and 10. He picked all even numbers, so I had every other word on the list, and ended up with: Ethereal, Replay, Storm, Cube and Satellite. I got to work on a story and it ended up being just a bit more than 1000 words. 1049 I believe. Oh well, it’s just for fun!

So, here’s the first paragraph of my story:


She stormed off. The tension was so thick that I could feel the curse words she was thinking as she disappeared from the living room. I rolled my eyes, sighed and plopped my chubby body back down on the couch. Parts of my body jiggled, and I was mad that made me want to laugh. I held it in, calmed myself and for a moment, just a brief moment, I thought she might actually grab her gun, come back and shoot me. She didn’t I heard the front door open, brief pause, then slam shut. I waited a bit before I decided to run to the window and look outside. Due to the limited view, I couldn’t see her. Only rain. Lots of rain. It was getting heavier by the minute, to the point that it was coming down in sheets. Much how one should not refer to a serving of cookies as a sleeve, I didn’t like referring to a quantity of rain as a sheet. But, that’s what it was. Back to the couch. I looked around and saw the spilled coffee and tea paraphernalia, leftovers of our fight. Hers. I don’t drink coffee. My eyelids felt too dense to negotiate trying to stay awake. I purposely slumped to my right side, leaned back and rested my head on my hand.

If you want to read the rest of it, I’d love it if you want to my hubpages and finished reading it over there! Thanks! Link:

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