How do you “keep it real?”

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I am days away from completing my short film, “Evelyn.” I updated the page for it on the production website. The last step for me is color correction, which I am on now. I’m very happy and excited this it is nearly done, and when it actually is done, I will be ecstatic. It means a lot to me, especially with how much hard work was poured into this film, and I am referring to everyone else who was involved. Thank you to them! There are too many to list here, but a good chunk of them are on the website and will be in the credits.

For some reason, this morning, I decided to ask a few of my close friends, How do you “keep it real?” I am not quite sure why I was compelled to do this, but then it made me think it would be fun to ask vague questions to my friends and see the various answers. It could be a weekly thing! At a certain point, it may just turn into who can give the most outrageous answer, but for now, it’s fascinating to me. For now though, just enjoy this one.

I don’t want to mention any names; however, my friends are free to own up to their responses should they read my blog (they don’t).

Here are some of the great responses I received to the question, How do you “keep it real?”:

“By not answering such questions properly.”
“It just come natural. Can’t be taught.”
“I don’t, people hate my real self.”
“Honesty nigga!”
“I keep it real by being a cool ass bitch.”
“‘All life is suffering’ -Dalai Lama”

Yes, that last one was a quote from the DL as the answer to my question. The varied answers all made me smile as everyone thought about it from a different angle. I may try this again soon…

If I actually have any readers, then please, sign up and respond and tell me, How do you “keep it real?”

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