Highs and Lows of Safeway

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This little tale actually has a happy ending. So, stop reading now if you want a sad story with a sad ending.

On Monday night, Nate and I go to Safeway to pick up a few items to eat. These particular little meatballs caught my eye. They were $6.29 each, but were on sale – buy one, get one free. I couldn’t resist. I picked up 2 packages, thinking one would be free!

A short time later, when we had everything we wanted, we went to the register. I went first, and while Nate was paying for his, I was glancing over my receipt. That’s when I noticed I had two charges of $6.29, and one of those meatball packages were not free as advertised.

I waited for the cashier to finish with Nate before saying, “Excuse me, I don’t mean to be a pain, but these were advertised as buy one, get one free.”

She gives me some sort of glance, like I am trying to cause trouble, and this is just too much for her, before submitting and asking for one of the meatball packages, so she can price scan it again. It comes up as buy two, get one free on their computer system. So, she tells me I am wrong, hands me back my meatballs and starts to turn her head. I don’t move.

She looks back at me like there is still a problem. “Well, if that’s the deal, then I bought two,” I said.
The devil cashier lady now cops an attitude with me. “I can’t give you one for free,” she tells me.
“But, I bought two, and you said buy two get one free.” “Sorry.”

I was kind of awestruck here. Is this really happening? Safeway has an advertised deal, I partook, but because I didn’t grab the free item, I can’t have it now?

I wasn’t leaving, so she knew she had to continue to deal with me. Oh, keep in mind, I never copped an attitude, I didn’t cuss or get belligerent, I just wanted the deal that Safeway was offering. Okay, so, now she makes me return them and re-buy them. She gives me $12.58 cash, then I hand it back to her, so she can scan them 3 times, then I am supposed to go grab the free one after, I guess.
Well, she scans each of them, then one of them a second time, so a total of three items show up on the computer. Well, the deal isn’t going through on the computer.

It is at this point in time, I learned that Safeway puts a period or dot after the price of the item, if it’s a sale item. She proceeds to talk to me like I should have already known this fact, I guess because she assumed I worked at a different Safeway? She then asks if I still want the meatballs. I said yes. So, she voids one out, I pay her back the $12.58 and I leave pissed off, tired, hungry and pissed off… oh, I already mentioned that. I know I should have taken care of it right then and there, but I didn’t. I left, and vowed to come back the next day to raise hell.

The next day, Tuesday, right after work I drove down to Safeway, receipt in hand. The first thing I did was run back to the meatball display to see what the deal really was. Get this, the signs said: BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE. Not, I repeat, NOT Buy 2, Get 1 Free.

I run up to customer service, and incidentally, I see that same cashier devil bitch in check stand 6. She gives me a look, but I ignore her.
I basically relayed the entire story to the customer service lady. She was nice, and understanding, and told me that the cashier devil bitch handled the situation incorrectly. I got compensated for the deal that was displayed of buy one, get one free, so I essentially got $6.29 back. But, to top it off, because the cashier devil bitch whore was so rude to me, I got coupons for some free Safeway signature sandwiches.

I thought that was really nice of the lady, since I wasn’t demanding anything more than to give me the deal that was offered by their store. It restored my faith in Safeway, but I will be sure to avoid that rude, evil whore, bitch of a cashier. If she treats other customers like she treats me, I imagine the complaints will roll in and she will be let go soon enough.

That would be karma, if it really existed. Sometimes, I wish karma did exist, but only when it works in my favor! So, yeah, happy ending for me!

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