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The title of this post doesn’t really mean anything. I just felt like using those two words together.

As the second half of March comes to a close, I am preparing to shoot Evelyn. It’s difficult finding the time to update all the information over at dontsmileproductions.com, but it’s coming along.

I’m still seeking a copywriting, marketing or some kind of similarly creative paid position. If you’re out there and you think you might need me, feel free to contact me! WIll WRITE FOR $! 🙂

Finally – Mike’s video of Funny Bunny was completed. It’s Episode 10, which I shot and edited. This is the only Funny Bunny Episode I have worked on, and despite it being creepy and dark and a bit sadistic, it was fun to do a creative project again. It was Mike’s idea, Mike’s character, Mike’s choreography. I just tried to help him shine as best I could. Here’s a link to the video:

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