Why do cars keep trying to hit me?

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I have a little story to share with my friends who keep track of my life: On Friday, I was leaving a party (sober), and heading westbound down Madison Avenue toward highway 80 to get back downtown. I was in the number 3 lane approaching the light near the car dealership. The light was red, so I was braking. The car next to me in the number 2 lane put on his blinker and started getting over into me – attempting to occupy the same space as me. Immediately, I held my horn down and hit my brakes. They quickly swerved back into their own lane and turned their blinker off.

The light turned green and I started to go, cautiously. I was about to just hit it because I wanted to get on the designated freeway on-ramp lane anyway, but then I noticed before we were through the intersection, they turned their blinker back on and started to merge into me AGAIN! I held my horn and hit my brakes, again. They swerved back into their own lane, again. I tried to look over, and while I didn’t get to see who was behind the wheel, I did see a CHP officer in the next lane over.

I darted my head back and forth between the road in front of me and the CHP as I got closer and closer to the freeway on-ramp. Finally, as my late starts to turn, I can see the CHP light up the crazy driver. Some of you know how often I almost get hit and actually do get hit. I am like some kind of a bad driver magnet. In fact, earlier that day I was nearly hit AGAIN in the Safeway parking lot. (Someone backed into me at the end of May this year). I feel like it’s a minor victory for me. It was such a rush for me that I cackled loudly as I got on the freeway and smiled the rest of the way home.

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