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The Waiting Game

I’m sure it’s been said before, but the unknown, while at times can be exciting… say, space exploration, can also be scary, especially when that unknown is confined to a small box of possibilities; one or more of those being … Continue reading

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For the past month, I’ve been busy shooting Evelyn with my cast and crew. It’s been a fantastic shoot so far and I cannot thank everyone enough. We’ve been through 5 days of shooting so far, and we have 1 … Continue reading

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My First Flash Fiction Challenge

So, a blogger, writer and otherwise very talented person I follow named Chuck Wendig posts Flash Fiction challenges once a week. I finally attempted one. He had used a random word generator and picked the following ten words: Library, Ethereal, … Continue reading

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Abstract Distractions

The title of this post doesn’t really mean anything. I just felt like using those two words together. As the second half of March comes to a close, I am preparing to shoot Evelyn. It’s difficult finding the time to … Continue reading

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New things have been written…

Had some sudden inspiration so I wrote a new poem, “Arc,” and posted it online already – I also finished the first draft of a short screenplay, Evelyn. I plan to shoot it in late March/early April. After that, … Continue reading

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